Over 125 meals services with Greater24 Network’s Feed The Cause program during the month of September

Greater24 Network's Feed The Cause Program  | The History  During the 2016 holiday season, Greater24 created a project to benefit multiple causes within one campaign called the Greater24 Holiday Hurricane. The campaign included a food drive, toy drive and a charity breakfast that raised funds to fight diabetes through the Healthy Living Center Foundation. The campaign... Continue Reading →

Meet the wildly fun and professional women of the Housewives In The City growing across the country.

About The Housewives In The City  Since launching in the Washington DC area in 2011, Housewives in the City has developed collaborative communities of women in 60 cities across the United States. With opportunities to support each other both online and at our free monthly meet ups - you'll find an amazing group of women... Continue Reading →

Inspired to give at Greater24 Network’s holiday charity breakfast

A local citizen that attended the Greater24 Holiday Charity Breakfast brought the event to a new high. Tracey Lee who works in bill collecting won an office pool for $30. The money was a prize for winning the ugliest holiday sweater contest. From winning the contest Tracey came up with a creative idea. She thought of... Continue Reading →

Greater24 Network’s Holiday Hurricane campaign gets toys and food for over 100 families

Small business owners, professionals and citizens participated in food and toy drive the was conducted over four weeks with Greater24’s Holiday Hurricane. These campaigns where a part of the Greater24 Holiday Hurricane sponsored by Applebee’s that combines a food drive, toy drive, and a charity breakfast into one community campaign. The food and toys received... Continue Reading →

Greater24 Network’s holiday charity breakfast reaches Applebee’s capacity

Small business owners, professionals and citizens came out at 8am on a chilly Saturday morning to volunteer as food servers at the 2016 Greater24 Holiday Charity Breakfast. This event is in its second year and is a part of the Greater24 Holiday Hurricane that combines a food dive, toy drive, and a charity breakfast into... Continue Reading →

Musician creates an idea using SUV’s to support nonprofit organizations

Meet Ray Pope. Ray has a long history in the professional music industry and loves to play piano and creating visual media. Through Ray’s connection with Greater24 he meets Guy Burns, an international public speaker who is also a partner of Greater24. Interestingly enough, Guy introduces Ray to the President of the Elizabeth City Chamber... Continue Reading →

HRT comes alongside Greater24 Network’s campaign and hundreds receive transportation

Today, millions of people are traveling. Some are traveling to work, for recreational purposes or for an emergency. Having the ability to travel is one of the most groundbreaking abilities of our time. Unfortunately we travel to the point that we couldn't’ imagine our lives without this luxury. Imagine your travel being restricted to your... Continue Reading →

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